Romina Lischka | Photographer Marisa Vranjes


HATHOR CONSORT with basso continuo: viol, theorbo & harpsichord
Romina Lischka viola da gamba & artistic direction


The famous French gamba virtuosi Marin Marais and Antoine Forqueray wrote numerous collections of Pièces de Violes between 1686 and 1747. Marais was the first gambist to attain a soloist position at the court of Louis XIV. The lute repertoire was an important influence on his compositions. Forqueray, in contrast, was inspired by the violin and developed a virtuoso bow technique. Complex ornamentation characterize both composers’ Pièces de Violes, which were performed in a rhetorical manner that was meant to imitate the art of singing. Couperin wrote just one set with two Suites for the gamba. This work from 1727 is one of his last compositions, and it’s elegiac character can be seen as a homage to the instrument.

Suites of Marin Marais (1656 – 1728), Monsieur Forqueray le père (1672 – 1745), François Couperin (1668 – 1733)