Hannah Ely  soprano
Sarah Ridy harp
Dimos De Beun Lautenwerk & cymbals
Romina Lischka viola da gamba & dhrupad vocal


Feasts and rituals celebrating the apparent annual orbit of the sun have traditionally been key points in the annual calendar. In the darkest time of the year, festivals of light such as carnival and yule from Scandinavia to the Alps are a source of light and good spirits.

Winter Jasmine can bloom at the coldest time of the year and means literally “gift from God”, a sign of positivity and joy. In India, the end of winter and the triumph of good over evil in the Hindustani Festival Holi is celebrated.

With the enchanting sound of the harp, the lute, the virginal, and the viola da gamba, the Hathor Consort performs traditional songs from Scandinavia, dances against the winter of the Alps, from the middle
centuries to the present, as well as songs and instrumental music from the English Renaissance.