Hana Blazikova soprano
HATHOR CONSORT violin, salterio, harp, theorbo, harpsichord / organ
Romina Lischka viola da gamba & artistic direction


Love: divine love, earthly love, erotic love. In the Italian music of the 16th and 17th centuries, composers Monteverdi, Caccini, Strozzi, Sanches and Grandi put the different aspects of love into music in songs and opera arias. While the polyphonic madrigal remained the most popular form for singing about human love in the 16th century, they were expressed by a new dramatic genre at the beginning of the 17th century: the opera. One of the founders of opera was Giulio Caccini (1551-1618), who, as a leading member of the intellectual Camerata Fiorentina, helped develop the concept of the monody: an affecting, monophonic melody carried by a simple accompaniment. A story about the diversity of love.

“This year’s second debut at the Summer Festivities of Early Music brought a remarkable ensemble with an interesting dramaturgy and an even more interesting interpretative approach, which unconsciously rejects the dogmatism of established performance practice and seeks new sound worlds, which, although based on the period, do not sound museum-like and can appeal to the 21st century listener who is spoiled by all aspects.” – Jan Bat

Arias & cantates of Giulio Caccini, Giovanni F. Sanches , Alessandro Grandi , Claudio Monteverdi, Ricercare & Bastarda pieces of Diego Ortiz, Francesco Rognoni, Bartolomé de Selma